Backyard Almanac: Summer blooms and seeds

Jul 17, 2020

An American goldfinch (Spinus tristis) feeding on thistle.
Credit Jim, the Photographer [via Flickr]

Larry Weber observes that if this month's weather continues as it has, we'll have one of the wettest and hottest Julys on record. But the rain has benefitted the many ripening berries around the region.  Basswood trees are in bloom right now which some beekeepers say creates the best honey.  Many late summer flowers are beginning their bloom cycles as well, including tall sunflowers.  Canada thistle is starting to seed, providing food and nesting material for American goldfinches who mate later in the year than many other songbirds. Frogs are out, the toads survived the dry spell in June, and many butterflies are in the air too.  Comet Neowise can be seen on clear mornings in the far north sky.