Backyard Almanac: to think, a month ago we were heading for the warmest January on record ...

Feb 12, 2021

(clockwise from top left) Hairy woodpecker inspecting some suet/peanut butter feeder plugs, red squirrel trying to take a plop of peanut butter in one bite, an ermine finds a toothsome morsel on the deer carcass he's climbing in, red squirrel preparing to escape with a wad of frozen peanut butter, a starling inspects the feeder plugs, the ermine gives it everything he has, trying to gnaw off a piece of meat, and a gray jay pigs out on peanut butter. All photos taken at the Sax-Zim Bog.
Credit ©Lisa Johnson

Larry Weber calls the 213 hours out of 216 we'll spend below zero "fascinating."

He says we're not usually this cold for this long at a stretch.

Meanwhile, some humans and many wild things are a little less than impressed.

Larry - and Laura Erickson - both talked about the importance of fat consumption to help many birds and animals stay warn when the temps get like this.

You can get more information on options for feeding birds, in particular, from these blog posts of Laura's: Winter Feeding and Bird Feeding Ideas.