Backyard Almanac: too warm for reindeer next week and the "celestial semicolon"

Dec 20, 2019

The Celestial Semicolon: Bob King prepared this simulation of what you might see December 28th in the western sky
Credit ©Bob King. Used with permission.

Punctuation matters.

Even the Universe says so.

Larry Weber lets word nerds know when they can see the "celestial semicolon" this weekend, and Bob King even provided an illustration.

Reindeer staying cool
Credit Judith Prins/Unsplash

In other news, Larry speculated that, if it gets too warm next week for reindeer to fly safely, Christmas might need to be cancelled.

But since we here at KUMD are Reputable Journalists, we did a little digging and it seems like Larry (gasp!) was mistaken.

You can read about how reindeer stay chill here on ScienceNorway, where they know about things like this. (And 39°C is 102.2°F.  In case you were curious.)