Backyard Almanac: the top four - no, five - make that six things to look for right now

Aug 28, 2020

(clockwise from top) Goldenrod (Friends of the Mississippi River), mushrooms (Matthew Haggerty/Unsplash), fall color (Annie Spratt/Unsplash), bird migration (Barth Bailey/Unsplash), pelecinid wasp (Kristin Lee/Creative Commons), and spider webs (Sonia Benhamou/Unsplash)

The rain this week has been inconsistent. Larry says the National Weather Service in Duluth reports 3" of rain while he clocked 7" at his place a little further south.

But  whether it's thousands of nighthawks flowing by Hawk Ridge this week, flying ants, or avoiding falling acons, Larry says there are all kinds if changes consistently taking place in the natural world, as we get ready to say goodbye to Awesome August.