Backyard Almanac: Try a Seven Owl Challenge

Feb 7, 2020

A boreal owl
Credit Greg Schechter [via Flickr]

Larry Weber notes that the February snows are, as usual, light and dry; not much has fallen in the past couple weeks.  The warm temps that gave way to the cold temps have created a crusty layer of snow on top of the deep snow pack.  While this is not so much fun for deer whose legs have to punch through it, it is great for lighter, smaller animals like the fox who now can walk across the top of it.

Finches have been scarce lately, but other birds - chickadees, nuthatches, and woodpeckers, to name a few - are very active.  

But if you want a fun challenge this weekend as you walk in the woods, see if you can spot these seven owls that Larry has seen and/or heard in recent days: (1) the barred owl, (2) the great horned owl, (3) the saw-whet owl, (4) the snowy owl, (5) the great grey owl, (6) the hawk owl, and (7) the boreal owl.  The later four are may be seen in this region as they've come south looking for food.