Basement Featured Album of the Week: Fleet Foxes' Shore

Nov 10, 2020

Credit Fleet Foxes

The newest release of Fleet Foxes, ‘Shore’, is everything fans have been holding tight for. It has the distinct mark of the band, be it the swinging vocals, or hearty guitar work, it will all seem familiar to fans of the group since they first came out of Seattle in 2006. The opening, ‘Wading in Waist-High Water’, is a smooth, soulful beginning of a smooth, soulful album. Each song transitions seamlessly to the next. Those searching for singles can jump right into ‘Can I Believe You’, a track that reminds everyone why a group like Fleet Foxes has dominated the indie rock scene for so long. It hits all the goals, checks every box of a classic rendition of acoustic guitar-driven indie rock, along with percussion that drives a steady pace into the flow of the album. Those in need of a cozy record to remind themselves of a calmer, more tame period of time can easily find comfort in this release.