Basement Featured Album of the Week: HEALTH's DISCO4

Nov 18, 2020

Credit Disco4

This week’s Featured Album on the Basement is the new HEALTH record, DISCO4 :: PART I.

HEALTH have always been a band of extremes. From the intense noise jams on their 2007 self-titled record, to the industrial ear-blasters from last year’s VOL. 4 :: SLAVES OF FEAR, LA mainstays HEALTH have always found new and interesting ways to destroy our ear drums. This time around, they’ve brought a few friends to the party.

Borrowing the title from their remix album series DISCO (à la Pet Shop Boys), DISCO4 :: PART I is the first in the series to be 100% original, this time around being a fully collaborative effort (minus the opening cut CYBERPUNK HEALTH enlisted folks from all around the underground, including Xiu Xiu, Soccer Mommy, Full of Hell, The Soft Moon and Perturbator, as well as big name noise-makers like 100 gecs and JPEGMAFIA (just to name a few). 

The result of all this is a very diverse record, pushing genre boundaries in the name of pure, unadulterated volume. From the grating electronic beats of “POWER FANTASY” with 100 gecs, to the eerie horror-trap of “HATE YOU” with JPEGMAFIA, to the synth adventure of “DELICIOUS APE” with Xiu Xiu, DISCO4 :: PART I is a record for those ready to be sent down the Willy Wonka boat-trip of post-modern pop (with the promise of more to come).