Basement Featured Album of the Week: IDLES' Ultra Mono

Oct 19, 2020

Credit IDLES

Not many bands are both as brash as they are positive as IDLES, and their newest release Ultra Mono is no different. They continue their streak of defeating social norms in a volatile, yet meaningful way; angry chants of anti-war kick off the album, and it refuses to slow down from there. They are not burdened by the meager criticisms of their critics, who say that the band churns out too many cliches. Joe Talbot approaches this criticism head-on, by releasing the single ‘Mr. Motivator’, a song all about cliches that make no sense. He caps the verses off, by saying, “How’d you like them cliches?” They confront the idea of blind faith in government in ‘Model Village’, consent and owning your body in ‘Ne Touche Pas Mois,’ and class warfare in ‘Carcinogenic’. The band continue their streak of progressive messages, as well as their chugging guitars and pounding drums. This is a band who knows exactly what they’re doing, and won’t stop at anything, won’t listen to the hate, and can’t stop making you play repeat, all in one album.