Beargrease 2019: thrilling - despite "the miserable factor"

Jan 30, 2019

Blake Freking crossing the finish line Tuesday night
Credit Rivers' Cross Photography

What happened to Ryan Redington?  And will he pull a repeat of 2017/2018 when he ran the course, made corrections, and roared back to a championship the next year?

Blake and Jennifer Freking
Credit Manitou Crossing Kennels/Facebook

Are the Frekings (with a one-two finish in the marathon for Blake and Jennifer and a 3rd/6th finish in the Cub Run for daughters Nicole and Elena) on the brink of a mushing dynasty?

And who gets the credit for Jason Rice's third place finish?  His team?  His coach?  Or the Rookie of the Year himself?

No one else but our former Beargrease champion, veteran musher and KUMD race reporter John Stetson could put it all together.

Veteran musher, former Beargrease champion and KUMD race reporter John Stetson
Credit Elizabeth Sorensen