Beargrease 2021: Trail Reports, Tuesday, February 2

Feb 2, 2021

Jason Rice and John Stetson, mushers, longtime fans of the Beargrease, and our trail reporters this week on KUMD!
Credit © Jason/Shirley Rice

Mushers are leaving the Skypoint checkpoint this morning heading to Mineral Center.

Then it's a four-hour mandatory layover, a 30-mile loop, and it's back to Mineral Center for the race finish - probably this afternoon.

Musher, Beargrease champ and KUMD's race reporter John Stetson has the details.

2 pm UPDATE: Both Erin Letzring and Sarah Keefer passed Ryan Reddington midday on the trail to arrive at the Mineral Center checkpoint first and second, respectively.  However, the required amount of cumulative rest for each marathon team means that Ryan Reddington will depart eight minutes behind Erin Letzring, while Sarah Keefer will be required to depart over a half hour later.  In the final leg, an additional factor will be the number of dogs remaining on each team, and how that affects both that team's speed and endurance.