Caring & Sharing: the gift of empathy and compassion

Dec 26, 2018

In this photo from her Facebook page, Deb Holman wrote the caption, Ive got 5 people moving on the 31st
Credit Deb Holman

[This episode of caring & Sharing originally aired on December 4, 2018, as was re-aired on December 26, 2018.]  

Around 800 names on the list of individuals or families who are experiencing homelessness in St. Louis County.

More than 50 people so far this year who have died on our streets.

Longtime street outreach worked Deb Holman says if she could wave a magic wand, she'd create more housing along the San Marco line; housing with 24 hour staff and help available for people with chemical dependency issues.  The San Marco apartments have 70 units available.  Deb guesses Duluth would need four times that many to meet the need.

That kind of housing is expensive to build and to staff.  But empathy and compassion for people and their situation, that doesn't cost a thing.