Community Conversations: Finding Our Voices

Mar 7, 2017

Michelle Lee, on her way to Washington DC for the Women's March on Washington in January
Credit Michelle Lee

Last December, local television reporter and news anchor Michelle Lee retired after almost 40 years as a broadcaster.  Within a few weeks, she boarded a bus with a crowd of other Northlanders and headed for Washington DC.

Never one to miss a chance to stretch KUMD’s budget with volunteers, I asked Michelle if she’d mind capturing some audio and doing some interviews for us on the trip, and she graciously consented, then joined me in the studio to talk about the trip. 

What followed was a conversation about finding voices: as voters, as people passionate about a cause, people who are afraid to speak their voice … angry voices, conciliatory voices and ultimately … how it’s never too late to find your voice.

Credit Michelle Lee

Thanks to our contributing photographers: Laura Lundin, Stacey LaRoche, Amber Snow, Claire Kirch and Jane Borgren.