Duluth Implements Pilot Program for Snow Removal Assistance

Nov 22, 2019

Credit Chris Harwood

Every Minnesotan has faced a wall of seemingly impenetrable snow. Imagine the greater difficulty faced by the elderly or disabled who lack the family, neighboly support or financial means to assist them in removing it. Such a barrier threatens their reliable access to food and supplies during the winter months.

Luckily, The City of Duluth has initiated a Snow Removal Assistance Pilot Program, where volunteers come together to remove snow from the sidewalks and pathways of citizens who are unable to clear the sidewalks themselves.  KUMD speaks with Carl Crawford, the staff liaison for the task force.  He tells us that many have signed up to receive help, but the result is an even greater need for volunteers to provide help if the program is to succeed and be continued in the years to come.

Here is a link for those who have a shovel and wish to volunteer.