Dylan and the Dead Return on KUMD

Apr 2, 2018

Duluth, MN – KUMD 103.3 FM's legendary Highway 61 Revisited, a show dedicated to Bob Dylan’s music, will return this Saturday at 5pm with a new host, DJ Miriam. The show was hosted for the past 25 years by its founder, Dylan expert John Bushey, who passed away in February. 

"John was inspired to pass the torch and he shared his wishes with us. 

He really admired Miriam and we are thankful for her stepping up in taking the reins as we enter a new era of Highway 61 Revisited. Miriam is a great addition to our volunteer DJ crew and I know John would be very proud," said Maija Jenson, KUMD Program Director. "John's circle of dedicated Dylan enthusiasts will continue to support Miriam and the program. We can expect DJ Miriam to bring guest hosts and past contributors into the mix." 


Highway 61 Revisited airs on KUMD 103.3 FM each Monday and Saturday from 5-6pm, attracting listeners worldwide online at www.kumd.org. The show features Bob Dylan’s music, including live and studio performances as well as different versions of his songs performed by other artists. Highway 61 Revisited on KUMD was started by John Bushey and is a testament to the far reaching influence and cultural impact of Bob Dylan and his music.

The show is one of the few KUMD's volunteer powered programs that has consistently aired for more than two decades.