"Everyone has a side hustle": how to turn your natural skills into a moneymaking venture

Sep 27, 2019

Credit Family Freedom Center

Xavier Bell says these days, where people have more than one job just to make it from month to month, everyone is trying to parlay their skills into a gig that can help out.

But while he says many people have natural skills, that doesn't mean they have a natural ability to run a business.

So the Family Freedom Center is teamed up with the Neighborhood Development Center (NDC) to help develop Freedom Start-Ups, a micro-business incubator program to support entrepreneurs Duluth's Black community.

The goal is not only to create a safe space for folks to share their ideas and learn the skills they need to create a business from the ground up, it's taking into account strong cultural norms of community, cooperation and reaching out a hand to draw your neighbor alongside you.

More information about the Family Freedom Center's Start-Ups Orientation is available here.