"Fast and Furious": spring migration in the northland

Mar 15, 2019

(l to r) Common Grackle, Ring-billed Gull, American Robin
Credit ©John P. Richardson. Used with permission.

Want to keep an eye on some of the earliest avian families in the Northland this spring?  Would you believe you'll be watching for Ring-billed Gulls?

Naturalist Clinton Nienhaus joins us with some of the best information on migration (and plenty of links): why is it happening, how can I follow along and where are the best places to see our new arrivals.  


Duluth Audubon Society website and Duluth Audubon Facebook page, with information about meetings, meet-ups and classes

BirdCast: bird migration forecasts in real-time Journey North: track hummingbirds,monarchs and whales, oh my! eBird: under this Explore tab, choose Bar Charts to see when particular species will be arriving or to figure out when the best time to see certain species may be