Forever Home 4/26

Apr 26, 2018

Mr. Phatty

Meet Mr. Phatty. He is a young adult male cat. He is a supersized cat full of love. His heart is as big as his round mound of sound body. You can't go wrong with this fella.


Ollie is a white and red American Shelter dog who is 3 years old. He came to us as a transger from a different shelter and is now looking for his new loving home! Ollie is an easy-going, but energetic guy who loves people. He knows how to sit and come, and he absolutely loves a nice treat of peanut butter! Stuffed toys are his favorite, and he will play with them all day!


Sweetie is a black and white American Shelter dog who  is 2 years old. She came to us as a transfer from a different shelter and is now looking for her new loving home! Sweetie has a laid back attitude most of the time, content to hang out with you. She is also game to play! Sweetie is treat motivated and already knows the command for sit.


Hi, I'm Zumi and I'm looking for a barn home! Animal Allies is seeing adopters who have a warm and safe barn, shed, or other outdoor housing that can provide cats in this program with a chance at life.