Funding for a Cleaner River

Jul 18, 2017

October, Duluth Harbor Basin
Credit Sharon Mollerus [via Flickr]

Last month, the Minnesota Legislature passed a $988 million bonding bill, including $25.4 million in funding for the St. Louis River Estuary Restoration Project.  This funding will ALSO trigger the awarding of $47.2 million in federal funds made available through the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative to accelerate the cleanup efforts of the St. Louis River and the Duluth- Superior Harbor.  We talk with Kris Eilers, Executive Director of St. Louis River Alliance, about the vital clean-up projects this funding makes possible.

In celebration, the St. Louis River Alliance is holding an event at Pier B Resort (800 West Railroad Street in Duluth, who is also sponsoring the event) on Thursday, July 20th from 5 to 7 pm.