Green Visions: "It feels like a whole different world of possibilities when you're self-propelled"

Feb 3, 2021

KUMD's intrepid music director and interim station manager, Christine Dean, regularly commutes to the radio station on her bike
Credit Zeitgeist Community/Facebook

The below-zero temps and double-digit-below-zero wind chills of February can make the annual Winter Bike Week a hard sell some years.

But this year?  As we head into the second year of social distance and Covid precautions?  Plenty of folks are already taking to the trails on their fat tire bikes - now the trick is reminding them to take advantage of the nice temps (before Saturday, that is) and walk or bike to work or maybe just to run an errand or two.

More information about Winter Bike Week events and a bunch of helpful resources can be found here on the website or here on the Zeitgeist Community Facebook page.