Green Visions: jobs, fresh produce and blueberries - Seeds of Success indeed

Jul 24, 2019

Seeds of Success at the Hillside Farmers Market in June
Credit Community Action Duluth/Facebook

If your only option to get to the grocery store is to walk 3-4 miles roundtrip, maybe with your kids, you could be forgiven for perhaps deciding to grab some food at a convenience store instead.

But Community Action Duluth - specifically the Seeds of Success program - is combating the "food deserts" in some parts of our community with farmers markets featuring locally grown food, and designed specifically to help folks get the most bang - or blueberries - for their buck.

More information about the Seeds of Success program, including how to get involved, is available here on the website, here on their Facebook page, or by calling (218) 726-1665.

Credit Community Action Duluth/Facebook