Green Visions: a metaphor for the bigger change

Oct 16, 2019

Credit Rakka/Flickr

The vote to ban single-use bags - paper AND plastic - was pushed back a couple of weeks on Monday night to allow for more discussion.

A committee-of-the-whole meeting is set for October 24 to concentrate on the proposed ordinance.

Jamie Harvie of Bag It, Duluth says the group has been working to get the ordinance passed for over two years, so a delay to answer more questions isn't a problem.

But he says Duluth is playing catch-up in terms of other cities, states and countries that have begun the global mind shift away from single-use anything and toward "a culture of re-use."

More information about the proposed ordinance that would impose a fee for single use bags can be found at Bag It, Duluth and on their Facebook page.