Green Visions: red-eyed wolves attack in Fortnite - should we care?

Mar 24, 2021

Screenshot from Fortnite and photo of IWC ambassador wolves Boltz and Luna
Credit International Wolf Center

When Chad Richardson's son announced that wolves had been added to the newest update to the online video game Fortnite, the family paid attention.

Richardson is the communications director for the International Wolf Center, so he was curious about how wolves were presented in the game.

Turns out it's perpetuating a couple of troubling stereotypes: wolves as snarling predators that attack humans or as animals that can be tamed and turned into pets.

Is there any point in objecting to the portrayal of wolves in a video game when here are, ostensibly, so many other things about them you could object to?  As we're learning, though, misconceptions - especially when distributed to a lot of people like the estimated 350 million folks who play the game - can have real-world consequences.