Green Visions: Water of the Great Lakes: Now's The Test

Mar 2, 2016

Credit ©lisa johnson/Thorsburg Photography

Back in 1998, a Canadian company kicked an international hornet's nest with its proposal to sell Lake Superior water to its customers in Asia.

It took ten years, but the eight Great Lakes states and the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec formed the Great Lakes Compact, which forbids, with few exceptions, any diversion of Great Lakes water.

But the real test to any law comes when it's challenged.  A proposal by Waukesha, WI to divert Lake Michigan water to their city has many people around the Great Lakes, including the Minnesota Environmental Partnership, hoping Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton, at least, will vote against the request.

The Minnesota Environmental Partnership is holding a listening session on the proposed Waukesha diversion this Thursday at 5pm.  More information is available by following the link.