Green Visions: what you can't see can - and is - hurting us

Nov 6, 2019

Credit Nabeel Syed/Unsplash

Here, up north, we figure we're in pretty good shape.

We take a lot of pride in our clean air and water and spend a lot of time looking out for them.

So it was a shock to hear that two- to four-thousand people in Minnesota die early every year from causes linked to air pollution - and most of those are in rural areas, particularly around Aitkin and McGregor.

Since transportation emissions are the leading cause of this pollution, which is hurting the health of people and the planet, the MPCA sees the Clean Cars Minnesota rule as "an opportunity to make real progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation."

You can find out more about the Clean Cars Minnesota rule here.

Here's where you can find out when and where public hearings will be held on the idea, and you can even find the materials from the November 4th webinar.