Green Visions: Will Steger: "More Than Hope"

Feb 24, 2016

Credit © Will Steger

Polar explorer, writer, photographer and speaker Will Steger has been talking to people about climate change before anyone knew there was such a thing.

It's not usually a cheery topic; but Steger, who will be speaking at UMD tomorrow night in a program called "Eyewitness to Global Warming," is almost ebullient.

People are getting it, says Steger, now that they are experiencing the evidence first hand.  Far from being despairing, though, Steger is anxious to share his message of new opportunities; a booming economy in clean energy; world-wide cooperation in working toward a cleaner, better world; and something he says is more than hope: empowerment.

Will Steger will present “Eyewitness to Global Warming” on Thursday, February 25 at 7 p.m., in UMD’s Marshall Performing Arts Center. This event is free and open to the public, but tickets are required. They can be found online or by calling (218) 726-8561.