Hardy Gardeners: land rush: the race for 336 square inches of cropland

Dec 8, 2020

Microgreens, less than two weeks old
Credit Tom Kasper. Used with permission.

Tom Kasper went on the air this morning and offered 336 square inches of cropland to the first ten people to call him.

That's around 280 feet of arable soil, by the way.

He's providing the "field," the seeds (you get to choose), the light and even a cover to help with irrigation needs. (You have to provide your own tiny little tractor.)

Duluth's original Hardy Gardener says ever since the spring, fears about food shortages and food insecurity have been on people's minds, and interest in growing your own food has exploded.

Thought you were done growing food after the first frost?  Turns out you can grow stuff that's even better for you in just 336 square inches.