Homegrown 2021 Live from Studio A: Lyla Abukhodair

May 1, 2021

Lyla Abukhodair in Studio A
Credit Malachy Koons for KUMD

This year's Duluth Homegrown Music Festival guide documents how this musician went from being an ensemble player in the six-piece band NorShore Summit to a solo artist at the beginning of last year. Abukhodair played multiple shows throughout 2020's outdoor music season, and is currently preparing to release her first solo album. We'll find out more when she joins Malachy for a Homegrown session on Monday, May 2 at 2pm. She'll perform at Earthrider Brewery's Starfire Unofficial Birthday Bash on Saturday, May 8.

Lyla Abukhodair performs in Studio C
Credit Malachy Koons for KUMD