"If You Only Knew": seeing the unseen illness and the people who suffer from it

May 3, 2019

"The Wall" by Barb Kellogg
Credit ©Barb Kellogg. Used with permission.

"They say 'thank you' a lot," says photographer Barb Kellogg.

The creator of the If You Only Knew art exhibit (formerly titled What Mental Illness Feels Like: Images and Stories) on display at Zeitgeist through May 14, says her project of interviews and conceptual photography began after the loss of a friend to depression and suicide.

More than four years later, the exhibit and the book that will follow are the photographer's attempt to visually translate the experience of mental illness in a way people can relate to.

And it's having an unexpected benefit to the people who shared their stories with her.

Northland Healthy Minds invited Barb to bring her exhibit to Duluth as a part of the May observance of Mental Health Month.