"I'm really scared. This has never happened to me before."

Sep 27, 2018

Street outreach worker Deb Holman posted this photo with the caption #morallywrong
Credit ©Deb Holman

The Loaves and Fishes Community is a small non-profit in Duluth offering "hospitality and advocacy to people experiencing homelessness."

But Joel Kilgour, a longtime resident of the men's house and community organizer and activist, says they're turning away "probably 30 guys a day."

Perhaps the most visible faces of homelessness are those of people suffering from mental illness or addiction, but Kilgour says most of us are only one step away from living under a bridge ourselves.

"Last year I had my own home and a job," he hears over and over again. "Now I'm living in my car."

More information about the Homeless Person's Bill of Rights is here: