"It feels like an abdication of responsibility"

Jan 8, 2020

Last night's Superior City Council chambers
Credit Jenny Van Sickle

What started out as a look at the efficiency of government operations in Superior has turned into a literal referendum on city government.

RW Management was hired in June to review the operation of the city.  But when the findings were released, what caught the attention of - and polarized parts of the community - was the recommendation to make the mayor a part-time position and hire a full-time city administrator.

City Councilor Jenny Van Sickle says the consultant's report had a lot of good recommendations, but the city administrator idea is "tearing the community apart." She says she's hearing from constituents who want the council to "get back to the real work" of city government.

Council members passed an advisory referendum on the question of creating a city administrator position  6-4, as well as to move the referendum date from April 7 to November 3.  An advisory referendum isn't binding; voters won't be be making a decision, only advising.

The minutes of last night's meeting will appear here when they are published.