Journey to Wellness: connecting those who are leaving us and those coming into the world (encore)

Sep 7, 2020

Cover illustration for "Akawe Niwii-tibaajim"
Credit Steve Premo/MNHS Press

This program was originally aired March 9, 2020.

The books are out now, and you can find out more about them at the Minnesota Historical Society Press's website at these links:

Akawe Niwii-tibaajim: Aanjibimaadizing

Anooj Inaajimod: Aanjibimaadizing

Nishiimeyinaanig : Aanjibimaadizing

Baabiitaw Boyd believes the elders who told her that a lot of the problems Native people experience are the result of not having access to their language and cultural practices.

And she knows from her work with fluent speakers of Ojibwe and at Waadookodaading Ojibwe Language Immersion School how important it is for kids to have access to culturally affirming content, something there hasn't been much of in public schools.

So providing that lens of the Ojibwe language for kids, helping them "experience the world around them through the language intended for them" -- also preserving stories and teachings of local elders -- has Boyd, the commissioner of administration for the Mille Lacs Band of Chippewa, pretty excited about what the future holds.

Akawe Niwii-tibaajim, Anooj Inaajimod and Nishiimeyinaanig will be published this fall by the Minnesota Historical Society Press.