Journey to Wellness: "If they're trying to keep us from voting and using our voice, it must matter"

Oct 30, 2020

Credit Rock the Native Vote 2020/Facebook

Louisa Posada knows voter suppression efforts are going on right here in Minnesota.

Moving ballot boxes and polling places.  She knows of an instance where flares were put into a box to incinerate all the votes inside.

But despite a long history of disenfranchisement, (Native Americans didn't become legal citizens until 1924 and weren't eligible to vote in every state until 1962), there is a growing pushback: to get organized, to move as one group, and to learn about political processes and elections. "It's like reading the owner's manual," says Posada.

This morning, Amy Goodman featured a story about the Native vote and the efforts to suppress it (Native American Voters Could Decide Key Senate Races While Battling Intense Voter Suppression).  You can click on the link to listen to the interview again.

You can find more information about Rock the Native Vote here on their Facebook page.

Vote 411 has some comprehensive voting information and it's easy to navigate.  Here is the page for voting in Minnesota, and here's the page for Wisconsin.

The Minnesota Secretary of State's office also has many voting resources; you can find them here.

And finally, the League of Women Voters of Duluth is a great place for non-partisan voting information, available here on their website.