Journey to Wellness in Indian Country: access to traditional foods and the knowledge linked to it

Sep 9, 2019

Sean Sherman brought his Indigenous Food Lab to the Minnesota State Fair. He will also be doing demos at the Indigenous Food Expo in Duluth later this month
Credit The Sioux Chef/Facebook

It's pretty easy to bring a skill like mindfulness to eating.

Paying attention to that bite you put in your mouth? Enjoying it? Simple.

But many indigenous people are aware that they're not eating the kinds of foods that were traditional  (and healthy) for them prior to European contact. And they're thinking about what they eat, and why, and where it comes from.

From the development of the Niiwin Indigenous Food Market to the upcoming  Indigenous Foods Expo,  AICHO and other organizations want to provide access not only to healthy traditional foods, but to the knowledge that was once linked to those foods.