Journey to Wellness in Indian Country - give them 90 minutes and you might become a physics major

Oct 9, 2017

Leech Lake Ambulance paramedics teach students about emergency medical services during this summer's Native Americans into Medicine program
Credit Center of American Indian & Minority Health

Christian Coffman can't stop beaming, just thinking about the student who came into his class this summer admitting that many of the sciences were not his favorite subjects.

Coffman, a grad student in Chemistry at UMD was teaching some STEM courses this summer as part of the Center of Minority and Indian Health's Native Americans in Medicine program.

But after a session on how x-rays work, the student approached Coffman, beaming, and announced he was going to major in physics.

And sparking that kind of excitement in undergraduate students is just what the program, which draws from tribes all over America, aims to do.