Journey to Wellness in Indian Country: Harnessing the Power of Stories

Aug 15, 2016

Women of the Choctaw Nation take part in "wilderness therapy" - they re-walked the Trail of Tears in an effort to transform the narrative into a story of strength and survival
Credit Photo courtesy Michelle Johnson-Jennings

Through this series, Journey to Wellness in Indian Country, we have focused on various aspects of what has contributed to the health disparities that American Indians face and the culturally-rooted solutions being implemented in tribes across Minnesota and beyond.

Dr.  Michelle Johnson-Jennings says tribal people have had the secret to healthy living all along: the ancestors gave instructions for healthy, happy living in the stories that have been passed down through the generations.

So now it's a question of returning to the "original operating instructions" in part to help combat substance abuse, obesity and some of the other ills that plague Indian country.

Journey to Wellness in Indian Country was produced in part by Nathan Ratner. This episode originally aired April 25, 2016.