Journey to Wellness in Indian Country: "this moment needs to be documented"

Jul 1, 2019

Who writes the history books?

As we're coming to learn, most often it's the "winner."  And in many instances, that perspective also informs how events are written about.

But when thousands of people joined the Standing Rock Sioux in the spring and summer of 2016, almost everyone there had the tools to take photographs, record videos, record audio interviews and document what was happening as it happened.

Using poetry, prose, essays, photographs, interviews and more, the editors of  Standing with Standing Rock gathered the work of more than 30 contributors. It's a rare opportunity for Lakota and Dakota people telling the story of the conflict in their own voices and from their own perspective.

Standing with Standing Rock is edited by Nick Estes and Jaskiran Dhillon, and will be released in August from the University of Minnesota Press.