Journey to Wellness in Indian Country: "No one is born into the language anymore"

Jun 4, 2018

Pat and Jim Northrup and Janis Fairbanks
Credit ©Ivy Vainio

Giishpin bi-izhaayan kiwenz ojibwemowin gabeshiwining gidaa-gashkitoon ji-agindaman o’o ikidowinan.

Language is more than just the word you use for a tree or a house. It reflects a worldview, a way of looking at things.

For many Native people, protecting and preserving their native language is a race against time, as they lose more and more "first language speakers" (people who learned their native tongue before English) every year.

But just because it's serious, doesn't mean it has to be serious.

Oh, and thank you to Zackarion Laronge, who provided the Ojibwe words above.

They mean: "If you come to camp you would be able to read these words."