Journey to Wellness in Indian Country: Whose story is being told and whose is locked out?

Sep 23, 2019

"The Doctrine of Rediscovery" by Jonathan Thunder
Credit Jonathan Thunder. Used with permission.

Although you've probably never thought about it this way, European colonizers exploring the world were more concerned with making themselves comfortable in new places (read "more familiar/Euro-centric") than appreciating or adapting to the environments and cultures that were already there.

You may know folks like this; perhaps not "colonizers," but people who want to stay in the comfort of what they know as opposed to learning new things.

The idea of "decolonizing museums," is being talked about more and more. For Christina Woods,  the executive director of the Duluth Art Institute, it means keeping two questions front and center: "What is the narrative?"  and "What narrative is locked out?"

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