Journey to Wellness: "We need to know what the plan is"

Mar 23, 2020

Credit antefixus21/Flickr

Things were always pretty busy at AICHO.

The American Indian Community Housing Organization's Dabinoo'Igan Emergency Domestic Violence Shelter provides ten beds and is open 24/7, and Executive Director Michelle LeBeau says every day, they have to turn people away for lack of space.

The Permanent Supportive Housing program has 32 adults and 42 kids.

But all those adults and kids are staying put now, which means AICHO has more people consuming meals and other resources.

Add in "panic buying" of food and other products, reductions in staff as the community closes schools and businesses, and a clientele that is still dependent on city and county services, and AICHO staff find themselves, as do so many other people and organizations, wondering "What's the plan?"