Journey to Wellness: "We're not looking for sympathy; we're looking for empathy. Get angry."

Jun 1, 2020

Phoebe Davis, jingle-dress dancer (left) with her husband, Jeremy Davis (center) with a member of the drum group Cedar Creek, from Fond du Lac.
Credit Lisa Johnson

Dr. Mary Owen sees many of the people around her just going about business as usual.

She admits she doesn't know if underneath, they're as upset and angry as she is or not.

The death of George Floyd last week has brought black and brown people together to protest a shared history of systemic racism, violence and death, and it's no surprise that Indigenous leaders and community members joined the protest and march Saturday afternoon in Duluth.

Dr. Mary Owen
Credit UMD/Center of American Indian and Minority Health

"Are people aware of what's happening in the world around them right now?" Mary wonders. "The significance of the protests and the violence? Of how much suffering is there?"