Keep it simple, citizens: Duluth seeks design for new city flag

Apr 9, 2019

Credit Duluth Flag Project

Duluth has a city flag?  Really?

Designer Roman Mars says the definition of design is "making life better and providing joy. And few things give me greater joy than a well-designed flag."

He also says, "There is a scourge of bad flags -- and they must be stopped."

Folks involved in the Imagine Duluth 2035 comprehensive plan update agree.

With that in mind, they've adopted Mars' five principles of good flag design, and they're looking for submissions - this Friday, April 12 is the deadline - and they're counting on Duluth citizens to deliver.

The current Duluth city flag is in violation of several "rules of good flag design," including the prohibition of seals
Credit Duluth Flag Project

The City plans to hold a showcase event in May to reveal all the proposed designs.  Online voting will run from May 22-June 21,  with the winner announced in July and a flag raising in August.

More information about the Duluth Flag Project and the entry form to submit your design can be found here.

You can watch Roman Mars' TED Talk, Why city flags may be the worst-designed thing you've never noticed  here.