KUMD Album Review: The Happy Fits

Jan 31, 2018

The Happy Fits | Awfully Appealing

This New Jersey folk trio is comprised of drummer, Luke; guitarist, Ross; and their electric cello player Calvin. The group’s sound is perhaps the most unique thing to come out of New Jersey since Snookie. Their blend of indie rock and what some would describe as “pop folk” help deliver a unique mixture of melody that many listeners haven’t heard before. Though a short listen at seven tracks (four on the standard release), the group still brings their lyrics to life without overwhelming the listener.

Awfully Appealing  begins with “Too Late.” This upbeat introduction to the group not only gives a glimpse of their sound style but features one of their more narrative songs. It tells the tale of how finding love can take its toll. The Happy Fits illustrate this in such a way that the listener may not even realize they’re listening to a song about the one that got away.

“While You Fade Away,” the group’s first single, really relies not too heavily on one particular member but instead gives us a vocal and instrumental offering from each. The groovy beginning makes you want to get up and start dancing right away. The lyrics orchestrate the thought “you changed but it’s not enough; you dream but you never know.”

“Dirty Imbecile,” a track featured on both versions of the album, is the group’s best example of their folk styling. Showing strong vocals and lyricism featuring typical topics of the genre, this track is an easy highlight. Vocally, the trio are on display here and the electric cello adds something special unheard in mainstream music.

The slower-paced serenade of “Right Through” is an acoustic-backed track that is more toward the indie rock spectrum of the group’s music but doesn’t feel out of place at all. It’s the most harmonic track, utilizing the group’s strengths vocally and through their instruments. This is one of the highlights of the album.

The seventh track is an untitled bonus track and it features the best of Calvin’s cello and a rap styling over the instruments. The track is catchy and feels like the credits at the end of a romantic comedy. Essentially, that’s what the album is: a flow of positive vibes and lyrics that pierce the heart.

This debut is short but well-crafted and you may find yourself asking for more. The Happy Fits’ unique sound and flavor accompanied by their philosophy of bringing positive change through music is reflected throughout the album and throughout their lives.