KUMD Album Review: Shrimpnose

Mar 28, 2018

Shrimpnose | Sullen

We’ve all had to face adversity in our lives in one way or another, but Shrimpnose may be proof that it takes time to conquer our demons. Overcoming several obstacles early in his life and till this day, the Minneapolis producer still finds a way to rise up and make music for others to do the same. Investing newfound energy and emotion into his newest project, Sullen, Shrimpnose crafts a peaceful electronica experience.

The 7-track album begins with the peaceful “Found UUU,” a soft tune that has a spring feel to it. The short intro can be forgotten since it’s followed by one of the more dynamic tracks on the album, “Peach” This track begins with a ghostly piano intro backed by ambient sound. Slowly the song transforms into a track that seems to be blending chimes, classical piano and just the right amount of a drum loop.

Again showing his production talent, Shrimp presents to us “My pleasure”. Similar in sound to the other songs on the album yet so different, “My pleasure“ features typical chimes and a spacey vibe. This sound can be heard throughout the album, but what makes this song a gem are the minor subtleties; horns and minor vocals are what turn it into a personal piece of art. The horns, which seem to fade in and out, add a jazz feel heard again on “Felt”

“Haunted” has an odd peace to it, like the feeling of watching the night sky and only hearing animals. An echo-like sound is present till the end in which it fades out, leaving only gentle guitar strums and the sweet sound of birds chirping. If Mother Nature had a theme song, it would be this without a doubt.

Frequent collaborator Spencer Joles contributes additional vocals on ”Witherwithout,” adding a voice to the track. Around the 45-second mark we begin to hear a brief shift as the tempo picks up, creating a more typical electronic vibe without sacrificing the sounds of the more classical instruments used by Shrimp throughout the track. The 2-minute track snaps back to the slower piano sound before ending the record.

Shrimpnose has crafted a therapeutic experience for anybody to listen to, providing a brief musical escape to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.