KUMD's Go-to Gigs 1/19

Jan 18, 2018

The Trash Cats, Zakk Grandahl, and Moriah Robyn Skye
Rockabilly Rockers, Classic Country Sound, and Progressive Blues Rock. Fall in in love with each artist as they each effortlessly blow you away
Red Herring
Thursday, January 18 | 9 PM | $5 | 21+

Big Science, Remote Viewfinder, and Elysium Alps*
Homegrown Winter Fiasco. Alternative Bands get moving and grooving. Be there or be square
Teatro Zuccone
Friday, January 19 | 7 PM | Free | All Ages

Jeffrey James O'Loughlin, Nat Harvie Trio, and Low Forms*
Homegrown Winter Fiasco. Folk/Rock/Indie, Alt-Rock/Post-Glam, and Punk bands are here to blow your minds to smithereens. Should be neato 
Blacklist Artisan Ales
Friday, January 19 | 7:45 PM | Free | 21+

WNDY, Amy Hazel, and Noble Sound System
Homegrown Winter Fiasco. Alternative Rock and Roots/Dub. Hot diggity dog what a lineup, what a wonderful time
Friday, January 19 | 8:15 PM | Free | 18+

Owl's Club Big Band, Laura Velvet & The Bookhouse Boys, and The Fontanelles
Homegrown Winter Fiasco. Big Band, Jazz/Funk/Rock n' Roll, and Rock n' Roll. Holy cow. If you're old fashioned like me, you're going to absolutely thrive at this show
Pizza Lucé
Friday, January 19 | 9 PM | Free | 21+

Boat Control
Frickin' Space Jazz. It's going to be out of this world
The Rex Bar Barrel Room
Friday, January 19 | 7 PM | $5 | 21+

Good Night Gold Dust, Àlamode, and Marah In The Mainsail
Electro Indie Pop, Electro Indie Funk, and Cinematic Alt-Folk. Throw on your boogie shoes and get down tonight
Rex Bar
Saturday, January 20 | 10 PM | $5 | 21+

Sterling Haukom, Zenith City Groove Collective, and Lesser Planets
Acoustic Folk, Instrumental Jazz/Funk, and Progressive Rock. What a variety, what a night to come
Beaner's Central
Saturday, January 20 | 7 PM | $5 | All Ages 

*Basement Picks