Lakewalk's "mini-master plan" gone with the wind

May 25, 2018

Storm damage to Duluth's Lakewalk
Credit ©Mike Mayou

Duluth's Lakewalk is twenty years old, so the city  was planning to proceed with a "mini-master plan" in November of 2017 to look at an upgrade.

Of course, by the time November rolled around, the Lakewalk had been devastated by 15-foot waves and, in some spots, four feet of shoreline had been washed away.

But the Friends of the Lakewalk would hardly be friends if they got discouraged that easily, and they're excited about the in-depth assessment that should be out in a few weeks (scuba divers and drones contributed information) and they've got an eye on some federal funding that could pay for 75% of the needed repairs.