Learning "your" language - where does your passion lie?

Nov 30, 2018

Dingle Peninsula, along Ireland's southwest Atlantic coast
Credit Anne O'Duffy. Used with permission.

Just this morning, we heard a story on MN 90 about Archbishop John Ireland, and how he helped the Irish prosper in America - specifically Minnesota.  

If that story resonated with your Irish heritage, you might want to check out Gaeltacht Duluth.  Gaeltacht is an Irish-language word for any primarily Irish-speaking region, and once a week, a local pub becomes just that.

Challenge yourself by translating this site into Gaeilge!

Information about the history of the Irish language is here, and this link talks about the language revival movement in Ireland, since 2018 marks it's 125th anniversary. 

Irish Duluth's study group Facebook page is here, and you can contact John McLoughlin directly at IrishDuluth@gmail.com.