Mayor Emily Larson: "everybody is walking around with big, big burdens"

Mar 26, 2020

Credit John Krumm, all rights reserved. Used with permission.

"Nothing that's happening now surprises me," says Duluth mayor Emily Larson.

She hastens to add that, that doesn't make it great, but it's not a surprise.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz announced a "stay-at-home order" that will go into effect March 27 at 11:59pm and expire April 10 at 5:00pm. The idea is not to stop the coronavirus, just buy more time for medical personnel across the state to make preparations for the pandemic.

Larson says that here in Duluth, city leaders have been working for several weeks to insure that basic city services like utilities, water and public safety continue uninterrupted, and now they're working on providing care to the city's most vulnerable: seniors, folks experiencing homelessness, and people for whom a stay-at-home order means they're not safe.