Mixtape Project 3.0 on The Local

Aug 1, 2018

Credit Daniel Oyinloye

Local, Nigerian-born artist, photographer, storyteller and community educator Daniel Oyinloye joined us on The Local to share his latest effort, Mixtape Project 3.0. A collection of hip-hop tracks by young men in a local youth residential program, The Mixtape Project 3.0 creators join Oyinloye and The Local host Marv to talk about their journeys.

With support from the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council, Oyinloye leads this creative project where participants learn to write and share personal stories, and their production and freestyle tracks show the courage and clarity they gain in Mixtape Project.  Listen to the interview and tracks broadcast on The Local. Find the full Mixtape on Soundcloud links below.

Mixtape Project 3

Mixtape Project 2

Mixtape Project 1

Daniel Oyinloye