MN Reads: "Animals of Turtle Island" by Tara Perron, illustrated by Jacqueline Paske Gill

Nov 12, 2020

While Indigenous children in Minnesota learn plenty of English language, most don't have a lot of chances to learn the languages of the people who were here first.

Author Tara Perron is Dakota and Ojibwe. She says it's important to remember that not only is "Minnesota" a Dakota word, it, along with Ojibwe, are the languages this land and its animals heard first.

Which is why her new book, Animals of Turtle Island, is available in two editions: one Dakota and English, the other Ojibwe and English.

And it gives non-Native people  a sacred way to connect with this land and the animals who also call it home.

Animals of Turtle Island is available in two editions from Black Bears and Blueberries Publishing.