MN Reads: Courtney Yasmineh, "A Girl Called Sidney: The Coldest Place"

Sep 14, 2017

Credit © 2017 Gibson House Press / Courtney Yasmineh

Our guest on this episode of MN Reads is Courtney Yasmineh, the author of A Girl Called Sidney: The Coldest Place, published in 2017 by Gibson House Press. 

The first of what hopes to be a four-part series, The Coldest Place is the story of 17-year-old Sidney, who flees Chicago and heads to rural Minnesota in the wake of her parent's disintegrating relationship.  She makes it her goal to survive her senior year of high school alone in the coldest place, a remote Northwoods cabin.

Ms. Yasmineh is also a singer-songwriter and rock musician who has played live in our KUMD studios. 

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